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Five of the Best Sunset Views to Include on a Broome Tour

Five of the Best Sunset Views to Include on a Broome Tour
February 15, 2019 Ed Bennett
Five of the Best Sunset Views to Include on a Broome Tour

With its expansive skies and few man made structures blocking the view, there are several sensational viewing locations in Broome to take in a breathtaking sunset. However, when you’re planning your Broome tour, you’ll want to seek out the very best, so here we’ll discuss five of the best sunset views you should plan into any tours from Broome.

Cable Beach

Cable Beach is stunning at all times of the day, but with its Indian Ocean outlook and over 20 kilometres of sand, there is an uninterrupted view of the sunset. There is a grassy area on foreshore park to lay out a picnic blanket and lie back to watch the sun go down or take a stroll along the sands dipping your toes in the warm waters as the daylight fades. Just be sure to stay after the sun has dropped below the horizon as you’ll see some stunning colours.

Entrance Beach

Entrance Beach is at the tip of the Broome peninsula, but while it is not often visited by tourists, it is a favorite with the locals. At low tides, you can stroll the beach and enjoy the red and rugged coastline. The best way to enjoy the sunset is to park in the car park and walk down the boat launch ramp to get to the sand.

Roebuck Bay

If you want a sunset with a difference, include a hovercraft Roebuck Bay excursion into your Broome tour. The hovercraft will skim across the low tide waters, so you can see the amazing dinosaur footprints. After, the hovercraft will be stopped on the Roebuck Bay mudflats where you can leave the vessel and enjoy a drink while the sunsets over the Broome township. Just bear in mind that the sunset hovercraft tours are tidal dependent, so they don’t always operate every day.

Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point is at the southern end of Cable Beach and can be accessed from the road opposite the Broome racetrack. Because of this vehicular access, this beach is popular with locals and tourists. You can enjoy the golden sands or watch the fishing charter vessels returning from daily excursions. Just be prepared, as you will be sharing the beach with other people as it is a popular spot day and night. If you are driving on to the beach, be aware that there are hazardous tide changes, so you don’t want to get caught up in a rapid incoming tide or get your vehicle bogged down.

Coconut Well

This small residential village is 20 minutes drive from Broome township. There are many off grid homes here that boast stunning views of the ocean. There is also access to a remote part of Cable Beach. This location is so secluded; you’ll need a guided tour to experience the best sunset.

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