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When’s the Best Time for a Kimberley 4WD Tour?

When’s the Best Time for a Kimberley 4WD Tour?
June 28, 2019 Ed Bennett

Kimberley tours from Broome are available throughout the year, but this doesn’t mean that you can enjoy your dream break at any time. There are times of the year when you will be able to see some even more amazing sights and get the most from your trip. So, here we’ll explore the best times to plan Kimberley 4WD tours.

The Climate

The climate in the Kimberley is characterised by wet and dry distinct seasons. The wet season officially begins in October and ends in April, but the reality is that 80% of the rainfall each year occurs between December and March. The Mitchell Plateau is the wettest region in the area with approximately 1400 millimetres of rain each year. Flooding during this time can cut access, but the flora is lush and beautiful as it starts to rejuvenate after the long dry spell.

There is almost new rain in the dry season, so you can expect low humidity, warm sunny days, and cool nights. In July, the temperatures are an average of 31ºc, so while it is comfortable for visitors, it is not productive for fishing. So, if you’re considering Kimberley tours for fishing, this is not the best time.

The Build Up that occurs between October and December is the hottest stage of the year, and you can expect high humidity and thunderstorms. The average maximum temperatures rise, which creates challenging conditions. However, this is the best time to see bird life in the region, and the fish are brought back onto bite.

The Crowds

The peak tourist season hits in the southern winter, when visitors move north to escape the colder weather. This is particularly true in July when there is a spike in visitor numbers. If you want to miss the main rush, consider Kimberley tours in May or September. There is still a bit of water in May, so the vegetation is still green and nice, while the maximum temperatures in September are comfortable for most visitors.

While it is possible to enjoy Kimberley tours at any time of the year, September or May do provide an excellent balance of pleasant temperatures, green vegetation, and avoiding masses of tourists. Although, you may need to check that every place you want to visit is open, these months of the year will certainly allow you to experience the Kimberley at its best. Before you make any bookings for your tour, consider what you would like to see and do, and how the climate may affect your enjoyment so that you can choose the ideal time for your break.

If you are interested in a Kimberley 4WD tour, be sure to speak to our team. We offer a wide range of Kimberley tours from Broome to help you discover this amazing region. You’ll also find the InStyle Adventures team ready to answer your queries to help you plan your dream break.