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Tips for Kimberley Adventure Tours and Fishing Adventures

Tips for Kimberley Adventure Tours and Fishing Adventures
May 17, 2019 Ed Bennett
kimberley fishing experience

If you’re looking to do some fishing on your Kimberley adventure, you’re sure to find some fantastic thrills with a tour. However, there are some tips that can help you to make the most of any Kimberley adventure tour, so you can head home with tales of hooking a barramundi or spotting a croc.

Have the Correct Gear

If you want to land the big one, it is crucial that you have the correct equipment. Although many fishing and adventure tours typically provide the equipment, if you want to bring your own, you need to know what you should bring. If you want to land a monster fish, you will need the right line for trolling or bottom fishing, high quality leaders, hooks and a great reel. Your rod also needs to offer a mix of strength and flex.

The Right Bait

Your choice of bait is crucial to pull your dream fish. Whether you prefer live bait or a lure, your choice of bait can make the difference between catching a tiddler you release or a fish that you can keep and show off. Again, the experience of a Kimberley adventures company will be crucial here, as your charter company will provide guidance to use the best bait.

Find the Right Location

You will only catch your target fish if you hunt in the right place. So, if you want to land golden snapper, blue bone, cod or coral trout, you should select a reef fishing tour. However, if you want to land a barramundi, you’re better fishing the Ord River system or seek out tours that go to more remote locations. Let your guide know your preferences in advance, so they can guide you to the most appropriate itinerary and tour.

Maintain Proper Hydration

Whether you’re looking to land a huge fish or explore remote areas, you need plenty of energy. In the hot sun here in The Kimberley, it can be very easy to become dehydrated that can sap your energy. So, it is crucial that you maintain proper hydration. Bring a reusable water bottle with you and be sure to refill it regularly.

Stay Sun Safe

You’ll find that the sun in the Kimberley can be fierce, so you can get burned very quickly. So, it is crucial to stay sun safe and have adequate protection. Be sure to pack long sleeved shirts to protect your arms and shoulders, a broad-brimmed hat and other sun protection. Just check that your sunscreen is eco friendly, so there is no risk of contaminating the pristine waterways.

If you do forget any sun protection essentials, you will find hats and sunscreen products in the stores in Kununurra and Broome.

If you are considering a Kimberley adventure tour, be sure to speak to our team. We offer a vast choice of Kimberley adventures to suit any kind of adventure you are looking for. We are on hand to answer your questions to help guide you to the package best suited to your needs so that you can enjoy your dream break.